Mothers Club and Child to Child

From the beginning BGS is working on preventive health care issues. We thought that preventive measures are better than curative for the poor community. Among the project target we have prioritized the women and children to address the programme as they are the most sufferers and they can contribute for a healthy family. In view of disseminating preventive health care issue BGS designed two types of formation a) Mother Club (MC) and b) Child to Child (CTC). All the messages and motivations are concentrated on the group. MC consists of 25 women who are between 18-45 years. Through weekly meeting, the BGS health workers disseminate preventive health care services and motivation. Issues are like pre and post natal care, consumption of nutrition food, cleanliness, drinking tube-well water, use of sanitation latrine etc. At present 50 mother clubs are running process.

In the same manner, child to child (CTC) is involved with 15 children who are between 8-14 years old. Preventive health care messages are disseminated through discussion, role-play, and storytelling etc in the weekly basis meeting. At present 50 CTC is working in different areas of BGS working areas. 
It is an overwhelming numbers of children and women receive the preventive health motivation, it expected around 45,000 children and women were offered the motivational services which encouraged the community towards behavioral changes on water, sanitation, nutrition, hygiene and so on. 

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