Installation of low cost sanitary latrine set

Over recent years, the number of people defecating in the open has decreased in rural Bangladesh, but the achievement is still lacking a big gap which need more emphasis on public and private support. Some newly-installed latrines are unsanitary. Unsanitary latrines either leak raw sewage into the surrounding environment or fail to prevent flies and other vermin from accessing the pit that contains the raw waste. Hanging latrines, those constructed over ditches, ponds and rivers, are still used in many areas. Fecal matter in water sources increases the spread of disease-carrying bacteria. When a new sanitary latrine is installed, complete with a U-bend water seal, a significant amount of water is required to flush out the latrine after use. Because water must be carried to the latrine from a water source, people often break the water seal so that flushing requires less water. Latrines with broken seals are not sanitary as insects are still able to enter the waste pit.

BGS has been operating sanitary programme since long. The programme includes two dimensional; awareness building and installation of sanitary latrine. As we mentioned people are unaware to use sanitary latrine. So, in the awareness building aspect, we aware the community through and we also distribute latrine sets for poor community.  


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