Mobile Technical Training School (MTTS) project is an innovative program of BGS which operates in the far flung areas of the country and has proved to be an effective way of delivery of a wonderful training schedule especially for the poor people who need it most. This program has been continuing since 1995.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • Development of manpower with certain level of skills, through imparting selected trade courses as per need of the local job market as well as demand of foreign labour market.
  • Raising income of the successful graduates by utilization of the skills they learnt from the training course.
  • Supporting in creating opportunities of income generation through establishment of self-enterprises by the graduates.
  • Creating a foundation for the successful graduates to become masters in their respective trades and enable them to contribute to the growth of local economy.

The Program has a spread of three very important and relevant subjects, such as, mechanical, electrical and tailoring, important not only for the job world but for providing opportunities for self-employment also. Training course for each of these three trades is of 6 months duration. One of the special features of this program is that after every 6 months venue of the training is shifted from one zone to another and thus it can cater the needs of the people of different areas of the country. Although the normal size of a training class is 15, the limit sometimes goes up to meet local demand.

Those poor people in remote areas who cannot afford to move to and stay in urban centers are able to avail of this arrangement and enrich their career by being skilled ones and thus helping the country with enlarging the supply of skilled hands. This is how the half educated unemployed male and female youths who are living in abject poverty suffering from neglect and hopelessness ,and are looked down upon in the society, are being turned into assets for themselves, for the family and the country at large by providing only 6 months’ training under the BGS Mobile Training program. During last 5 years BGS trained 1620 youths under the MTTS and 99% graduated students have already been employed in factory, workshop and some students start their own workshop. It helps other youths to be employed in particularly in rural areas of Bangladesh.


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