Mother and Child Care

BGS is running a Primary Health Care Centre in Matarbari union. Matarbari is an Island of Moheshkhali Upazila under Cox’s Bazar district with a cardinal objective to ensure mother and child care services. In fact, Matarbari is fully isolated from the main land and the areas around 10 sq miles with more than 100 thousands inhabitant. Due to communication backwardness no health services is available there, in particularly mother and children are suffer a lot.. Consequently the mortality rate of mother and children are high in the Island.

Considering all the difficulties and drawbacks, specially the mother and children, BGS establishes the health care centre with financial support of DLB, Germany having access of an MBBS doctor part-time with necessary services unit. A female paramedic is regularly working there with lab facilities. The pregnancy test along with all sorts tests and cares of pre and postnatal cares are being offered from the centre with minimal cost which is highly appreciated by the local community.

During last 2 years the health care centre extended tremendous services to the poor community in Matarbari and interesting figure mounted that a total 22760 patients have been offered treatment with necessary prescription and medicine support.  

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