Personal Hygiene Awareness

Personal hygiene is important thing that has to be maintained for every person’s life. Apart from personal appearance, personal hygiene should be maintained to lead a healthy and happy life. For the poor family members personal hygiene is so important to maintain to avoid many expected diseases and personal difficulties. In the rural areas the family members are used to eat, clothe and live together, and due unhygienic healthiness the other members of family specially the children and women are suffered the most.

Considering the fact and experiences, BGS initiated projects prioritizing activities on personal hygiene. The activities includes organize session on hand wash, use of toilet, use of drinking water and personal cleanliness. The project beneficiaries of project locations are the target group of the activities. With an integrated approach the organizational beneficiaries will improved with multidimensional development initiatives.  

In the villages, groups are formed with existing beneficiaries involving women and children, through which the sessions are organized to disseminate the message on personal hygiene. And we believe if the women and children are involved so the other family members should ultimately be involved in the process gradually. 

At the present BGS is continuing with organizing sessions among 60 groups in its working areas. And during last few years, around 10,000 women and children were involved to the process who received the learning on personal hygiene.

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