Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA)

Moheshkhali is an isolated Upazila under Cox’s Bazar district with the total population around 800,000. Literacy rate is 28% and the women literacy is not more than 10%. Government has a very little health infrastructure for women and children. One third of the child population in this area is malnourished and lactating women are also malnourished and they don’t have access to adequate health services. Matarbari is the one of the union of Moheshkhali Upazila which is being a remote Island and which is most backward in communication being a separate Island for long time.

BGS through implementing different development project, it finds that the mortality rate of pregnant mothers and the infant is much higher than any other parts of the district. It lacking various issues, like modern facilities, lack of awareness, traditional thinking remarkable. Due to awareness and literacy, women are still more traditional in accepting child delivery and caring of pre and postnatal services.

Considering all the realities and facts, BGS took the initiative to serve the pregnant women and infants. To serve the purpose, BGS selected 12 traditional birth attendant (TBA) and trained up the TBA to make skill in dealing sate delivery of child to keep secure the mother and infant. The TBAs were provided with necessary tools and equipment so that they can offer their services in the villages to reduce the mortality rate of pregnant women and infants.

 The TBAs are well trained and if they find any critical cases, immediately they refer to the specialist doctor in the Cox;s bazar district. At present the TBAs are working in the villages ensure safe delivery of infants.


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